Effective tips to increase engagement on YouTube videos

YouTube is not just a place to watch videos, it is also a community where you can build an audience and engage with your viewers.

If you are looking to increase engagement on your videos and encourage viewers to like, comment and share, here are some powerful tips:

1. Attractive title and interesting content

Start by creating an interesting title that reflects the content of your video

The title is the first thing viewers notice, so it should be catchy

Also, the content itself should be interesting and provide added value to viewers

Provide detailed and useful tips

2. Use an attractive thumbnail

The thumbnail is what entices viewers to click on the video

Choose a high-quality thumbnail that clearly reflects the content of the video

The image can be exciting or surprising to grab the attention of the viewers

3. An interesting and fast start

In the first moments of your video, you should grab your viewers' attention and motivate them to follow through

Use an interesting and engaging introduction to show what viewers will learn from the video

4. Interact with comments and posts

Be proactive in engaging with comments viewers leave under your video

Respond to their questions and express your appreciation for their interaction

This builds a stronger bond with the audience and encourages continued engagement

5. Use video tags correctly

Use multiple hashtags related to your video content to increase its exposure

Use keywords related to the content and topics of the video

6. Encouraging subscriptions and activating the bell

At the end of the video, let viewers subscribe to your channel and activate the bell button to receive notifications of every new video you publish

7. Encourage participation and contribution

Ask viewers to participate in discussions, share the video with their friends, and make suggestions for future content

This makes them feel part of the community and encourages them to interact

By following these tips, you can build strong engagement and increase viewership engagement on your YouTube videos
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