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Create an account
  • You can register a new account at any time by pressing the register button on the home page, or you can simply click here
  • Please use your personal and valid information when registering to receive all new updates
Add Fund
  • Before you can place orders, you must charge your account from the page: Add balance
  • We have many different shipping methods, you can choose the appropriate method for you from them, and if there is any other method not mentioned, please write to us on the tickets to see the possibility of activating it
Create a order
  • To place any order, all you have to do is: Go to the page: New order - Choose a specific section - Choose a specific service - Put the link and quantity - Click on Confirm Order
  • You can check your orders by clicking on the page: orders
Technical support and contact us
  • If you need any inquiries or encounter a problem with the orders or the site in general, you can always contact us by clicking on the page: technical support and then fill in a new ticket, and you will be answered as soon as possible
  • You can click on: open tickets from the technical support page, to see the status of the ticket and see any response from our specialized team
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