Installment with TRENDAWE helps you grow your business

TRENDAWE INSTALLMENTS is a payment method that allows you to purchase our services immediately in exchange for simple monthly installments

Installment helps you expand your business

TRENDAWE INSTALLMENTS is the fastest and easiest way to collect money
You will never have to worry about liquidity again with our installment plans, and you will be able to focus on your priority: expanding your business

Service advantages

  • Enjoying a distinguished debit return of 20% annually instead of 30.6% annually for unsecured cards, and 26.4% annually for included cards.
  • Enjoy a full grace period in addition to the installment period to be paid in installments.
  • When requesting to make installments for services traffic, the customer enjoys not being required to pay the total amount of services traffic or its minimum during the grace period, but fixed installments will be paid according to the period the customer desires, starting from the third month.
  • You can make purchases from inside Egypt or outside Egypt without the condition of contracting with the merchant, and therefore if there are offers of discounts provided by the site, you can take advantage of the discounts and then request installments for the purchase transactions.


  • If the customer purchased an amount of 1,000 on February 1 and requested the purchase to be installed over a period of 6 months on February 5, the following will happen:
  • First: The service transaction amount (Refund) will be refunded during the month of purchase.
  • Second: The installment commission will be added to the credit card during the month of installments, which is 5.58% of the amount of the purchase transaction for a 6-month installment period, equal to 55.8 EGP, and the customer is required to pay it by a maximum day of March 25th.
  • Third: The first installment will be added on the 31st of March, which is an amount of EGP 166.67 (6/1000), and the customer will be required to pay it by a maximum of the 25th of April, thus the customer will enjoy two additional months of grace over the installment period he requested.

Terms and conditions for installment services over the phone

  • Services installment service is available to credit card holders only
  • The amount required to be paid in installments must not be less than 500 pounds
  • Installment periods start from 3 months up to 36 months (3 months - 6 months - 9 months - 10 months - 12 months - 18 months - 24 months - 30 months - 36 months)
  • The purchase transaction to be installed must have been debited to the credit card as a purchase transaction
  • There is no maximum number of purchase transactions that can be made in installments within the limits of the credit limit granted to the customer
  • The customer must adhere to the installment period for which the purchases movement was requested in installments, whether starting from 3 months to 36 months, as it is not possible to make full payment of the debit balance of the installment movements before the end of the mentioned periods, unless in the case of a request to cancel the credit card
  • Payment of the installment value is required in addition to the minimum amount within the total credit card statement balance in the month following the service request
  • The service is available for all credit cards
  • The service of installment services is available for all original and supplementary cards
  • The service of installment service is available only after making purchases during any time of the month or purchases made for a maximum of six months.
  • The full purchase value must be paid in installments, and part of the purchase value cannot be paid in installments
  • Installments are made in the event that the credit card account is valid, and installments are not made in the event that the account is suspended for any reason.
  • Services installment service is only available through our website
  • Any purchases movement on the credit card inside and outside Egypt can be paid in installments, and the installment and commission are calculated on the amount of the purchases movement equivalent in Egyptian pounds
  • The installment commission is paid in the month following the installment, then the first installment is paid before the 25th of the month following the installment drop.
  • The credit limit exceeding expenses will be calculated if the card limit is exceeded as a result of deducting the installment commission when executing the installment transaction, and the exceeding expenses will be automatically refunded at the end of the day
  • The installment commission is calculated according to the installment period desired by the customer, and the commission that the customer bears is determined according to the table below

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