How to create an SMM PANEL e-marketing services server

SMM Panel can be easily created with the right tools and basic website development knowledge. Here are the general steps to create an SMM Panel:

Choosing a domain name and website hosting

You must have a domain name that reflects your SMM Panel activity. Next, you should choose a reliable and fast hosting company to host your site.

WordPress installation

The WordPress platform can be used to create an SMM Panel website. WordPress must be installed on your site via your hosting control panel.

Install the SMM Panel script

You must download and install the appropriate SMM Panel script. Several different scripts can be used such as 'SmartPanel', 'SMM Panel Script', and 'Paytm SMM Panel'. You can find these scripts on the Internet.

Script setup

After installing the script on your site, it should be configured and configured according to the needs and requirements of your SMM Panel.

Add services

You must add your own SMM Panel services, such as buying followers, likes, comments, and more. You can add these services by using the API from the websites of the companies specializing in that.

Set up payment methods

You must set up the payment methods available to your customers, such as PayPal, Stripe, and many other options.

Website testing

You should test your site and make sure everything works correctly before you release it on the internet.

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